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Our mission - we want to make your products newsworthy

With Wysker, we give people a tool to discover the freshest goods from all over the web faster than ever before. Think of it as a virtual window-shopping experience with a storytelling approach designed for a new consumer generation. Every day, we feature trending, seasonal, and entertaining products in curated, bite-sized visual journeys.

With the Wysker App, you can effortlessly establish a new lead channel designed to drive your sales while increasing awareness. Establish your brand alongside our editorial content within a fast-paced environment that creates a continuous discovery journey for today's online shoppers. Introducing your products has never been more engaging.

What makes Wysker even more exciting is that we build long-lasting consumer relationships by rewarding users for sharing their data. It’s a win-win for e-commerce powered by the wys token (think of it like AdWords credits with benefits). Register your interest for a chance to be among one of our first advertising partners.