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The future of e-commerce
is driven by consumer data

The Internet lets you buy, but it doesn't let you shop. Over the last 15 years there has been no radical innovation in e-commerce. By solving mobile discovery, the wysker platform unlocks a multi-billion dollar opportunity. It is a radically new shopping experience that generates breakthrough data. Through the use of the blockchain it returns data ownership to its users. The result is consumer empowerment and unparalleled sales potential for retailers and advertisers.

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  • "This Idea is More Radical Than Google
    and Facebook Ever Were"
  • "The Next Shopping Revolution Could
    Come From Berlin"
  • "Germany's First ICO -
    The Tinder of Shopping"
  • "First German ICO: Wysker Brings
    Shopping to The Blockchain"

The wysker app - enter
a new world of shopping

Imagine browsing through thousands of online shops with just a single button. Use wysker to discover new products faster than ever before while earning wys tokens along the way. With over 500 unique online shops connected to the system, users can now discover at up to 20 items per second.

The benefits of blockchain-
based advertising

The blockchain is at the core of the wysker platform, allowing users and advertisers to have a direct relationship while protecting consumer privacy and preventing fraud. It cuts out the middleman and enables a new concept we call “advertising based on consent”. In this model, the user is in control of their data and can give selective access in exchange for wys tokens.

A new token designed for
digital commerce

The wys token gives consumers discounts for product views, advertisers access to customers, and retailers new opportunities to increase their sales. It’s an ERC20 utility token that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Here is how it works:

Sustained growth of the
wys token economy

The wys token follows the basic principle of supply and demand. The more users join the wysker platform, the greater the advertiser demand and the higher the wys Token acceptance. To maximise user growth, 10% of all wys Tokens are reserved for user incentivization. An install bonus and a referral program are in place to boost product adoption.

102,340,100 wys tokens
ready for disruption

Our goal is to establish a stable and fast-growing wys token economy. We have reserved 60% of all tokens for investors to fuel the growth of the wysker platform. With the remainder, we are inviting a growing number of retailers and advertisers to become major players in the wysker ecosystem.

Our roadmap to growing
the wys token acceptance

  1. 10/16 Frontend app - prototype completed

  2. 01/17 Backend tech - infrastructure built

  3. 05/17 Core team - hired and operational

  4. 10/17 Legal preparation - ICO framework set

  5. 11/17 Presale - wys token introduced

  6. 01/18 App launch - global on Android / iOS

  7. 01/18 Token sale - official wys token ICO

  8. 04/18 Trading - token listed on exchanges

  9. 9

    06/18 Retailer growth - retailers onboarded

  10. 10

    01/19 Ad platform - ad platform launched

Our vision for expanding
the wysker experience

The wysker technology has the potential to be integrated into all kinds of platforms. From Virtual Reality, to in flight entertainement, our API enables omnichannel e-commerce giving everyone access to the wysker experience.

The future of digital
commerce is now

The wysker platform changes the fundamental dynamics of digital commerce by putting the consumers in control of their data and creating a new form of advertising that is based on consent. We increase the level of trust between consumers and advertisers which leads to higher sales and positive brand relationships.

A world-class team ready
to make a difference

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Our token sale is now closed. Thank you to all participants.

  • Current Rate: 1 ETH = WYS
  • Accepted Currencies: ETH
  • Unsold Tokens: Were burned
  • Token Supply: WYS
  • Sold: WYS
  • Presale Period:
  • Token Sale Period:

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